Reuse of Qiagen Ni-NTA Spin columns??

Bradley Turner bturner at MED-ITVAX1.BU.EDU
Fri Mar 15 19:18:09 EST 1996

Dear Bio-netters,

Just wondering if anyone knows whether the "silica-Ni-NTA" 
(that is Nickel-nitrilotriacetic acid) spin columns, made by
Qiagen and used for the isolation of 6-His tagged proteins,
can be regenerated and reused.  I have regenerated and resused
the somewhat comparable His-Bind Sephadex resin of Novagen. And
Qiagen states that their Ni-NTA-Agarose resin can be reused, their
technical folks were not very clear as to whether the spin silica-
Ni-NTA columns could be reused.

I just wanted to know if anyone may have tried it, and what your
experience has been, and your method.


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