Help: Rapid determination of copy No. of a gene in bacterial chromosome.

gwade at gwade at
Sat Mar 16 10:07:45 EST 1996

xiangl at (Xiang Li) wrote:

>Dear netters,

>I am looking for a simple and efficient protocol to determine the copy No 
>of a 500 bp fragment in the chromosome. Any suggestion would be 
>greatfully appreciated.


>Dr. Xiang Li
>West-East Centre for Microbial Diversity
>University of British Columbia
>BC, Canada

Could you do a Quantitative PCR reaction.  I know of  a system that is
fairly easy and inexpensive from Kalyx Biosciences.  Ampliscript
allows you to use ELISA to quantitate PCR.  Have a look at their home
page or email Dr. Sithian Pandien at the company.

Kalyx at

Good Luck.

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