Help: Lambda purification kits

Ulrich Harttig harttigu at
Fri Mar 15 14:16:33 EST 1996

Greetings all,

I will apologize in advance, since I may be covering old ground, but must 
admit that I have not read this group in a while.  However, my lab 
colleague has and pointed out the recent thread about other's 
difficulties with Qiagen plasmid preps, which leads me to my question....

What has been anyone's experience with various lambda phage purification 
kits from the various manufacturers???  I have recently been using 
Qiagen's Lambda kit with which I obtain minimal recoveries of apparently 
clean DNA, BUT I am unable to successfully use it in transfection 
procedures.  Of course, this may be due to other factors, but I am 
interested in trying some other prep, hopefully without resorting to CsCl 
banding and avoiding organics if possible.  Tall order????

I would appreciate any replies, to the group or by direct e-mail.


Pat O'Neal
tragenp at

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