Sequencing Gel Rigs for SSCP

Bernhard ndxdbmay at
Sat Mar 16 12:21:37 EST 1996

WSchick at wrote:
> Hoefer/Pharmacia also has the SE660 and SE620  which are long protein type
> gel units, fully cooled on both sides of the sandwiches.  They run one or two
> gels at a time, are 24 inches and 32 inches.   A recent paper by someone at
> NIH has used these with thinner spacers for SSCP.

I use Hoefer SE620 with 0.75 mm spacers for SSCP, because you can easily
adjust the temperature (which is very important).
Some of my heterozygous templates revealed SSCPs at 15-18°C, but not
at lower or higher temperatures, not even at 12°C.
So I can fully recommend the SE620 unit for SSCP.

Bernhard Mayr
Dept Clin Endocrinology
Medizinische Hochschule Hannover
Hannover, Germany

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