SOS!--PCR restriction cut

Wenjin Yu wyu at
Sun Mar 17 14:17:14 EST 1996

	I have a big problem to cut PCR product in which the restriction site
is generated in the primer.  At first I designed a primer containing a Bam 
HI site.  Based on the inforamtion in New England Biolabs Catalog, 4 
extra bases was added at the 5'-end, but the PCR product couldn't be cut 
no matter how much enzyme was used.  Then I made another primer 
containing an EcoRI site, and 15 extra-bases was added to the 5'-end this 
time.  But it seems still not work!  I was wondering if anyone can help me to
deal with this big trouble.  Many thanks.
 (please send your HELP to my mail box: wyu at
Wenjin Yu
U of Guelph

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