Best chemiluminescence for W.blotting

Bernard Murray bernard at
Mon Mar 18 15:03:05 EST 1996

In article <4ijqu8$18hi at>, KeldS at says...
>A good review of chemiluminescent substrates
>were in a recent "Bio Consumer Review".
>(Fall/Winter issue 1995)
>The mag did actual blots (page 22) and found
>that the most intense signal was by the Pierce
>SuperSignal substrate. A quote might help here:
>"If price is a major concern, then the Pierce SuperSignal
>CL-HRP kit and the Tropix Western Light kit provided
>the best value for the money..."

I see the post comes from Illinois, the home of Pierce.
Time for a disclaimer I think....

Anyway, the "recipe" and reference for the ECL reagent were posted
some time ago and I hear that it can be as good as the Amersham
version (no personal experience).  This would give the best "value
for money... if price is a major concern".


[No affilitation with Amersham or Pierce.  I have used ECL.  I like ECL.]

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