Qiagen RNeasy: Early precipitate??

Jim Hill jah1 at st-andrews.ac.uk
Tue Mar 19 06:02:15 EST 1996


I am attempting to purify RNA from herring embryos. After homogenization 
in the lysis buffer I add the 70% EtOH and a precipitate forms. This 
precipitate blocks the spin column if the entire solution is applied to 
it so I have been spinning down the precipitate and applying the 
supernatant to the spin column. Am I blundering? Is the RNA likely to be 
in the supernatant or the pellet?? I am currently unable to check the 
product of the purification on a gel since I'm sampling in the field.

Any efforts to lay my mind at rest on this issue would be greatly 


Dr James A. Hill,
Gatty Marine Laboratory,
University of St. Andrews,
East Sands, St. Andrews, Fife.
KY16 8LB. U.K.

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