Rainin edp plus

Michael Bausher mbausher at ASRR.ARSUSDA.GOV
Tue Mar 19 17:35:22 EST 1996

Hello !

We had the same problem -- let our fingers do the walking and found a 
local place which sells only batteries and came up with an exact 
duplicate.  We are in Orlando so I'm sure  you could find a place locally 
(its all those cell phones and beepers and such). They were about 1/3 the 
cost and same day delivery! If you want the name of the place email me 
and I will give you the address.

Good luck!


On 18 Mar 1996, Lesley Weston wrote:

> We have a Rainin edp plus motorized microliter pipette which needs a 
> battery (we've been using it with a mains adapter, but this is awkward 
> and inconvenient). It appears to be impossible to buy the battery except 
> at enormous cost from Rainin, but there must be a substitute. Does anyone 
> know what the equivalent battery would be? We need the battery 
> specifications, such as current, voltage etc.
> Thanks.
> Lesley Weston

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