Rainin edp plus batteries

davesmith at bioch.tamu.edu davesmith at bioch.tamu.edu
Tue Mar 19 23:23:52 EST 1996

lesley at UNIXG.UBC.CA (Lesley Weston) wrote:

>We have a Rainin edp plus motorized microliter pipette which needs a 
>battery (we've been using it with a mains adapter, but this is awkward 
>and inconvenient). It appears to be impossible to buy the battery except 
>at enormous cost from Rainin, but there must be a substitute. Does anyone 
>know what the equivalent battery would be? We need the battery 
>specifications, such as current, voltage etc.
>Lesley Weston
We purchased 4 lithium batteries from Kent  Components Distribution (a
Kent Electronics Company) last year in March and have had good luck so
far.  The batteries were $9.20 each.  Their office is located in
Houston, I believe.  Their phone number is (713) 978-5842.
Hope this helps.

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