pAX Fusion Protein Vectors

Torsten Boerchers borcher at
Wed Mar 20 17:38:10 EST 1996

Krish Sakhamuru <cepks at> wrote:
>I am having difficulty in finding suppliers of pAX Fusion Protein 
>Vectors. USB previously supplied them, but since their absorption into 
>Amersham International, this range has been deleted. These vectors are 
>useful for the specific isolation of foreign proteins fused with E.coli 
>coded b-galactosidase.
>These vectors have sites coding for collagen and factor Xa recognition 
>sequence enabling isolation of the foreign protein from b-gal by cleavage 
>with collagenase or factor Xa; downstream of these sites is the multiple 
>cloning site which ideally for me has an EcoR1 site followed by a Sal1 
>site (non-overlapping, distance varies depending on the particular vector 
>from the pAX range). These vectors carry lacZ gene including the lac 
>operator, the pBR322 origin of replication, and amp resistance marker.
>If any list members can enlighten me as to the the whereabouts of these 
>products or the availability of (extremely) similar fusion protein 
>vectors, I would be very grateful. I believe these products are based on 
>the work of: 
>            Stephan Scholtissek & Frank Grosse, Gene 62 (1988), 55-64. 
>Many thanks in anticipation.
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Dear Krish,

we obtained our pAX4 vector from
Wagenstieg 5
D-37077 Goettingen 
Fax: +49-551-34987

You may also look into Boehringer catalogue
for pEX and pXa vectors, which also should
provide 3´fusions with lacZ.

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