Need help with Qiagen PB Buffer?

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Wed Mar 20 13:02:55 EST 1996

oravaxcm at (Charles A Miller) wrote:

>I was basically wondering whether the PB buffer supplied with the Qiagen PCR 
>quickspin kit is the same PB supplied with the minipreps? We have a lot of 
>the PB in the miniprep kits, but the PB in the quickspin kit got spilled 
>accidently, so I was wondering if its the same stuff? Too bad I can't just 
>make the PB and PE... I'd still buy the filters though...

>oravaxcm at

Dear Dr. Miller:
Yes, the PB buffers in the spin plasmid kits and in the QIAquick PCR 
kits are exactly the same and may be interchanged between kits.
Please call our Technical Service Department at 1-800-426-8157 if you have 
further questions.

Paul Todd
Technical Service Manager

Temporary e-mail address: qiagen at

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