req. opinions of Ericomp thermocycler

Don Rollins drol at
Wed Mar 20 13:05:30 EST 1996

bjfabb at (Brad Fabbri) wrote:


>My lab is considering purchasing a Ericomp thermocycler. I'd appreciate
>hearing from those who already have one; are you happy with it, and
>would you purchase one again next time you need a thermocycler? Also,
>if anyone has used the in situ slide system offered by Ericomp, I'd
>like to hear about how well you think it works. Private email is fine;



>Brad Fabbri (bjfabb at
>  Disclaimer: Opinions expressed are solely my own and do 
>              not necessarily reflect those of my employer.

Unless they have a new model, our ericomps are a lot slower than our
Perkin Elmer's because they are water cooled rather than using
refrigerant. You can't leave reactions overnight very safely because
there's no 4 degree soak and we once had an incredible flood in the
lab over the weekend when one of the hoses came off and was spraying
water everywhere. However, the results are the same if you don't mind
waiting longer for your product.

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