cracked gels?

Dr E. Buxbaum EB15 at
Mon Mar 18 12:04:05 EST 1996

Fix, stain and destain the gel as with lower percentage gels. Then 
incubate them with 2 changes of distilled water and finally 5% glycerol.
Put the gel between 2 sheets of cellophane into a drying frame (can be 
bought at ridiculous price from a lab supplier or cut cheaply from a 
sheet of plastic) and air dry over night. This leaves you with a clear, 
crack free gel, which can be photographed, projected with an overhead or 
stored in a lab book. Should you ever wish, you can cut out a band with 
a razor blade, rehydrate in water (the cellophane comes of at this stage) 
and use for electroelution, immunisation ect., even years after you made 
the gel!

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