How does pH effect Terrific Broth?

Ted Michelini tedm at
Thu Mar 21 01:03:59 EST 1996

		I addressed some of this in my post questioning the possibility of 
getting an OD100 in the SuperBroth bubbler, as claimed in the original 
post. Buffering tends to be needed if the media contains a carbon 
source, like glucose, which is turned into organic acids (acetate) in 
lieu of aerobic metabolism. Or if the carbon has to be rested from a 
typical nitrogen source, like protein (as in the case of SuperBroth) 
which results in a pH rise as amines are stripped. Tris is a good buffer 
but typically a nice phosphate buffer system is used (although PIPES and 
MOPS are used in minimal media formulations). Giving a more readily 
available carbon source, like glycerol, would also enhance the media.

Ted Michelini
Institute of Molecular Biology
University of Oregon 

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