how to incubate Ab/membrane?

J Quyen Wickham jwickham at
Mon Mar 18 14:32:05 EST 1996

I'm looking for ideas on vessels/containers/techniques for incubating membranes (i.e. nitrocellulose) with 
antibody for Western's, etc.

I'm hoping to find an optimum technique that would use the least amount of buffer (to minimize Ab use) but 
would give me adaquate and even binding over the surface of the membranes.

Currently, I've used Seal-A-Meal bags and petri dishes. My bag technique is to cut a bag the size of the 
membrane and fill it with about 0.5ml per square cm buffer. An easier technique is to find a petri dish 
slightly larger than the size of the membrane and fill it likewise with buffer. I really haven't done enough of 
either to know which one works best.

Any ideas?

Quyen Wickham
Univ of OK Health Sciences Center
jwickham at

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