Info about Auto Sequencer...!

pramod at pramod at
Thu Mar 21 06:07:39 EST 1996

Dear friends, please educate me about Auto sequencer..i.e. I want to 
purchase a new one the options are two(2), one is ABI 310 capillary
based and the other is ALFexpress of Phamaceia. I would be needing this
to do sequencing of GC rich PCR products ranging from 300-1500 bp.
as well as for the PCR-SSCP analysis of the same. I would seek your help
in two ways, 1) About the equipment vesatility and 2) Softwares provided
with it.
The available money will permit me to make choice in between these two only.

Well any help from you guys/gals, to give me write direction to buy as I
donot have any experience of this stuff. Apart from this the RFLP pattern
will also be used in this project to generate data.

The samples size/day will be 3-4 involving PCR, sequencing and SSCP analysis,
So I think I am clear from my side, 


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