Primer extention analysis by PCR

Russell L Wrobel qwerty at
Wed Mar 20 21:42:32 EST 1996

ToshioSAKAMOTO wrote:
: I am wondering if someone try to determined the 5' end of mRNA by
: RT-PCR.  My transcripts might be small amount in RNA fraction, thus
: if the 1st synthesized cDNA can be amplified by RT-PCR, it's very helpful.
: Any information will be appreciated.  Thanks.

: Toshio Sakamoto
: txs25 at

5'-race PCR is supposed to do just that.  Having spent close to a year 
trying to optimize the procedure, I would suggest buying a kit from some 
vendor.  I think several vendors now have kits available.

Russell L Wrobel

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