chickens vs rabbits for antibodies

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>> Some friends of mine have been making antibodies in chickens instead of
>> rabbits.  But I have yet to get a clear consensus as to if it is a s
>> reliable as rabbits.  Cost is clearly better though.  What is the
>> experience of those of you out there who have done both?  If you were
>> successful did you use peptides or bacterial expressed proteins as your
>> immunogen?  Any experience you could share would be appreciated.
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>Chickens were a mess, a real nightmare for me and several others I have
>spoken to.  They made lousy (no) antibodies, were a pain to inject.  They
>were supposed to be easy and deposit antibodies in their eggs which are
>then purified.  As soon as the chickens were injected they stopped laying
>eggs.  Bleeding chickens is a  mess and they didn't produce any antibodies.
> I have always had better
>success with rabbits. 
>L. Fliegel
Years ago I used chickens to produce antibodies to viral antigens with sucess. 
I did not try to recover antibodies from the eggs but bled the chickens from 
the wing vein, this very easy to do, or from the hart. It is best to you young 
chickens, easier to handle, require less room etc. etc.

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