Inoue competent cell procedure

Arfaan Rampersaud arampers at
Thu Mar 21 09:09:33 EST 1996

   I read an article  on the preparation of highly competent cells (Inoue,
H. et. al. Gene 96 1990 23-28).   I thought I would give it a try.  On
Tuesday night I inoculated 250 ml of SOB with 8 big colonies of DH5alpha. 
I grew the cultures in a 2.8 L fernbach flask at 18 degrees with shaking.
Here it is Thursday and the ODs are just about 0.6 (at A600)!    
    I really don't know how long it takes for a few colonies to reach this
density at 18 degrees.  If anyone out there has used this procedure I
would like to know how long it takes for your cells to grow to the
recommended 0.6 ODs at 18 degrees C? 


Arfaan Rampersaud

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