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: >Hi! I would like to know where I can get the antibodies raised against
: >the nine-amino-acid peptide sequence(YPYDVPDYA) derived from the
: >influenza hemagglutinin protein. Thank you.

: Berkeley Antibody Company (BAbCO) has both a monoclonal and polyclonal
: antibody against the HA epitope.  If you want more information (I don't
: want to get too commercial here) please let me know.

Well I hope you get better luck with getting a reply after emailing
BAbCO than I did last year on October 31st (to Tracy King) and on
November 21st (to Tom Anderson).  Still waiting...

Boehringer Mannheim (with whom I have a research-only connection) also
market the anti-HA 12CA5 antibody.

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