DMSO and bacteriophage

Helen Logan logan at ENSAM.INRA.FR
Mon Mar 25 11:42:38 EST 1996

I have just prepared some cDNA lambda ZAP  libraries and have already store=
d one in 7% =

DMSO  at -80=B0C as suggested when I realised that I'm not sure now how sta=
ble they will =

be once rethawed. My titre is so high that I will be using only a few micro=
litres at a time =

so should I then refreeze, or will they be stable for a short time. I have =
written to =

Stratagenes technical services but not had a reply and as I want to aliquot=
 the other one =

soon I should like an answer fast. The other thing was I just put them dire=
ctly into the =

freezer,rather than freezing in liquid nitrogen, as the instructions didn't=
 say any different - =

was this a good thing? I'm begining to wish I'd just added chloroform to 0.=
3% and stored =

at 4=B0C as I have done previously.
Thanks in advance for any advice
Helen Logan
Logan at

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