Info about Auto Sequencer...!

Steven Goldberg goldberg at
Mon Mar 25 13:03:38 EST 1996

I just purchased an ALFexpress unit from Pharmacia and it has exceeded 
my expectations.  The first thing I sequenced, in fact, was a very high 
G+C fragment of DNA where I had been getting maybe 150-200 bp of useable 
information manually.  Using any of the kits supplied (labeled primer + 
ds DNA or Cycle sequencing) I managed to obtain ca. 750 bp.  The unit is 
very easy to use once you get the hang of it and I am quite happy with 
the customer support.  The ALFexpress is about 40% less expensive than 
the ABI unit.  However, I have no experience with the ABI sequencer so I 
can't make a direct comparison between the two units.

Hope this helps. 


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