Detection of molecular weight marker bands on +tively charged membranes

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Mon Mar 25 20:15:30 EST 1996

labimap wrote:
> We are currently performing a lot of Northern blotting using
> the glyoxal protocol and are looking for some way of detecting
> all bands of our molecular weight marker after electro-transfer.
> We wanted to use ethidium bromide but this reagent is incompatible
> with glyoxal, can anyone suggest another staining reagent or
> protocol that works well with glyoxal. Thanks Karin.

Acridine orange works well (soak the gel in 30 micrograms/ml).  It isn't 
quite as sensitive as ethidium bromide, and may require a different 
camera filter.  I last used it years ago and can't remember.  I do 
remember, though, that single-strand and double-strand nucleic acids 
stain differentially.  I presume you also glyoxalate your markers, so 
that wouldn't be an issue.

Bruce Amsden
bamsden at

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