GST Fusion stuck on sepharose

David Roof Roof at
Tue Mar 26 14:19:25 EST 1996

Including N-octyl glucoside in the glutathione elution buffer increased
the recovery of our GST fusion.  Other nonionic detergents such as
TritonX100 are also reported to work (but Tritonx100 cannot be dialyzed). 
See the very helpful article by Frangioni and Neel for details on all
aspects of GST fusion purification.  Analytic Biochemistry vol. 210,
p179-187, 1993.

--David Roof

 In article <177528B2AS86.JPFELL00 at>, JPFELL00 at
(John) wrote:

> We are using the pGEX 2T and 3X vectors.  However, we cannot get the protein
> off of the resin.  Any suggestions?  We have tried high glutathione and NaCl.
> Thanks,  John Fellers, Univ of Kentucky

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