Alternative to autoclaving for denucleasing plasticware

Microplate at Microplate at
Tue Mar 26 03:39:46 EST 1996

"Machine sterile" is an interesting  but unproven technique, though it has
known to have sufficient level of sterility for several applications. There
is also the "plasma Sterile" some refer it to as "plasma cleaning: . This is
ofcourse if you have access to "plasma oven".

Autoclave is optimal if your plasticware was made for autoclave, polystyrene
plasticware should not be autoclaved, gamma sterile is the the best.

I will be starting a  sterile "Level" study in May for microplates, it would
be related to the various polymers used  not only in Microplates but also in
plasticware in general. If anyone would like to join please email me .

manns at 

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