PCR in Nepal

Bob Horton horto005 at maroon.tc.umn.edu
Tue Mar 26 11:50:00 EST 1996

Dr. J.P. Clewley wrote:
> Can anyoune recommend:
> 1) What particular kind of thermal cycler might be suitable for use in Nepal,
> i.e. a robust one, not susceptible to extremes of temperature fluctuation,
> voltage changes etc.?

Excellent thread topic.

How much would it cost to hire some guy to move your samples between 
water baths? How much would it cost to hire a second person to stand by 
with a tea kettle and keep two or three water baths at designated 
temperatures? How robust are the Nepalese, and how sensitive to 
temperature extremes and voltage changes?  :)

I don't know what wages are like in Nepal, but I know some graduate 
students in Delhi who make the equivalent of something like $30 (US) a 
month. At that rate, for the cost of an average PCR machine in the US, 
you could pay the salary of one of these motivated, intelligent, and 
university-educated individuals for approximately eight years.

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