Detection of molecular weight marker bands on +tively charged membranes

Ed Stephenson estephen at
Tue Mar 26 17:11:36 EST 1996

In article <199603251008.LAA13211 at>, labimap at WORLDNET.NET (labimap) says:
>We are currently performing a lot of Northern blotting using
>the glyoxal protocol and are looking for some way of detecting
>all bands of our molecular weight marker after electro-transfer.
>We wanted to use ethidium bromide but this reagent is incompatible
>with glyoxal, can anyone suggest another staining reagent or
>protocol that works well with glyoxal. Thanks Karin. 
There isn't anything incompatable between glyoxal and ethidium bromide:
I have stained glyoxylated RNA with EtBr. The staining intensity is reduced
but is still useful. I don't know about staining the filter after transfer,
but if you can cut off your marker lane and stain it separately, that
should work fine.

Ed Stephenson

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