Looking for a histochemical ATPase protocol...

H.Hoppeler hoppeler at ana.unibe.ch
Tue Mar 26 08:25:45 EST 1996

In article <1N2UxcUox8AO089yn at westnet.com>, jtardiff at westnet.com says...
>Hi all,
> I know this isn't mol-bio related per se, but I thought someone might
> be able to lend a hand. I'm planning on doing some straightforward
> ATPase staining on some muscle sections. This protocol is commonly used
> to distinguish (at the very least) fast and slow muscle fibers based
> on the different labilities of the actinomyosin ATPase in alkaline and
> acid pH using unfixed frozen sections. No papers that I have 
> read give straightforward protocols..today I found myself wading through
> papers from before I was born (and I'm not *that* young).
> Any and all pointers/advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
> thanks,
>  Jil Tardiff
>  jtardiff at westnet.com
>  Albert Einstein College of Medicine and
>  The Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center
>  NYC, NY

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