Mycoplasma detection kits, and mycoplasma effects

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Mon Mar 18 12:08:35 EST 1996

I have a feeling I missed this thread last time it came around.  What are 
people's preferences for mycoplasma detection kits?  I hope to only need 
to test a few cell lines, so I don't need large volumes.  I've seen kits 
from Stratagene (PCR-based) and someone else (PCR/ELISA based); the 
Stratgene looked more up my alley.  Alternatively, does anyone know the 
primers, and has anyone tried just making them themselves?  Any comments 

I also have a question about mycoplasma effects.  I realize that
mycoplasma can muck up cell lines, but does anyone know whether they can
induce cytokines - e.g. interferon - in non-lymphoid cell lines?  I've met
someone who firmly believes this, and am suspicious myself; but I don't
see anything in Medline supporting it.  (There are papers observing
IFN-alpha induction in mononuclear cells [e.g. Microbiology & Immunology. 
36(5):507-16, 1992;  Journal of Interferon Research.  2(1):31-6, 1982], 
but I'm concerned about adherent cell lines.)  Any experience?  


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