Repetitive Northern Hybridization

Gabriel Romero ez008413 at
Wed Mar 27 13:41:50 EST 1996

I am surveying the expression of several genes in a number of plant 
tissues using radioactive Northern analysis.  I got negative results for 
the first gene. RNA is still on the nylon membrane based on methylene blue 
staining. Probe was indeed labeled because there was signal on the 
homologus DNA target. Since no probe bound to the RNA lanes in 
the first hybridization, do I need to strip the blot or can I directly 
hybridize it with the next gene probe without stripping and prehybrizing? 
If the latter is practical, and I still get negative results with each 
new gene, how 
many times can I hybridize the blot with new probes without stripping?

Thanks for any advice.

Gabby Romero
goromero at

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