Has anyone done NF1 (The transcription factor) Northerns?

Wed Mar 27 09:51:19 EST 1996

I am having problems doing some NF1 notherns. I am using about 2ug of poly A+
from mouse tissue and I'm trying to probe with the conserved DNA binding domain
which sould anneal to all types of NF1. My probes are from human CTF and NF1-x
and I also have tryed a rat NF1, but I'm getting no bands at all. I have used
a postive control for this tissue which gave a very strong band so I don't thin
k it's the mRNA or the blots. I was wondering is there an unusually high
variation between species with NF1 and so maybe I need to use a mouse probe?
Or is there anything unusual about the Hybridisation conditions necessary for
NF1 annealing?
If anybody has looked at NF1 levels I would be very gratful at any advice you
could give me.


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