Getting cells off plates

simon sbe at
Thu Mar 28 18:20:44 EST 1996

Pearse Ward wrote:

> I'd be interested in other people's favourite recipies for >non-enzymatic dissociation of cells.

We find that "half-strength" PBS/EDTA (5mM phosphate, 75mM NaCl, 5 mM 
EDTA, pH 7.4) works well for HeLa and MCF-7. We just pour off the TCS, 
add a few ml of half-strength PBS/EDTA, put the flask/tray back into 
the incubator for a few minutes, and then "squirt" the cells off the 
container wall using a tissue culture pipette. They can then be spun 
down and re-suspended in fresh medium/whatever.


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