good sequencing unit

christine-elsik at c-elsik at TAMU.EDU
Thu Mar 28 19:36:37 EST 1996

I need some opinions on sequencing units.  I'm going to run microsatellites
on denaturing gels, which will be silver stained.  I'm thinking of either
the Bio Rad Sequi-Gen II or the Hoefer SQ3 Sequencer.  Bio Rad claims that
its IPC plates maintain uniform heat distribution, preventing smiling and
reducing cracking of plates.  A disadvantage of the Bio Rad unit is that in
order to fit 96 wells, I need to use the 38 x 50 cm glass plates, which
will be cumbersome when staining.  The Hoefer unit, which will accomodate
96 wells has 33 x 40 cm plates, which would be easier to stain.  Does
anybody have any opinions on either of these units or of Bio Rad and Hoefer
equipment in general?

Chris Elsik
Texas A&M University
Department of Forest Science
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