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> Subject:Re: pZErO                                  Date: 3/27/96
> I have used pZErO-1, which has zeocin (Invitrogen's own antibiotic)
> resistance.  The vector gives very low background, as promised, but zeocin is
> crap!  It is salt sensitive and light sensitive, and it only lasts about 1
> week at 4 degrees.  In other words, its a pain in the ass to work with. 
> Their pZErO-2 (Kan resistance) might be better.
> Brett Beitzel
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> San Antonio, TX

I haven't had any problems using Zeocin.  I keep the concentrated solution
at -20 degrees.  I have used agar plates containing Zeocin and stored at 4
degrees (in the dark) for over a month with no apparent loss in
effectiveness.  By the way, although the pZeroI manual suggests using
Zeocin at 50 ug/ml, an Invitrogen representative said that 25 ug/ml is
plenty if you're using E. coli. I've used the lower concentration without
any problems with background.

It sure beats alkaline phosphatase!


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