TNT kit with T7 RNA Pol

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>Subject: TNT kit with T7 RNA Pol
>Date: 18 Mar 1996 18:36:45 -0800

>Has anyone figured out how to get consistent results with T7 RNA pol. 
>using promega TNT kit?  We get good results with sp6 RNA pol, but not 
>with T7 RNA pol.  DNA templates used in T7 were linearized according 
>to the promega protocol.

>Thanks for any input.


I am also trying to get sufficient protein with this kit. I want to translate 
PCR-products with the T7-RNA-Polymerase-promotor and label the protein with 
biotin. Although I got a protein with the luciferase control-vector, I don´t 
get any results with my PCR-products. Is there any suggestions why and how I 
can get proteins nevertheless ??

Thanks in advance

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