info on HPLC and related techniques

John Elliott johne at
Fri Mar 29 03:55:45 EST 1996

In article <315810A6.28A4 at>, Marc Visconti
<marcvis at> wrote:

> I am in desperate need of any and all information I can get my hands 
> on about HPLC and related techniques.  I have experince in low 
> pressure chromatography, but wish to learn all I can in a limited 
> amount of time about HPLC.  Protocols, theory and personal insights 
> on it will be greatly appreciated.  Please forward all information 
> to:
> marcvis at
> Thank you in advance.
> Marc Visconti
> Hospital for Sick Children
> Toronto, Canada

Depends on what your purifying.  Handbook of HPLC is a good start. 
Probably in a lib closeby.  If you separating digested proteins, the
books are available.  Need more info.  HPLC is pretty easy most of the time.


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