Getting cells off plates

Jen Logan jlogan at
Sat Mar 30 14:45:28 EST 1996

Thought I'd toss in my non-original $.02 as well,  but I mostly just 
wanted to say hi to my long-lost cancer camp buddy Pearse.

You want a single-cell suspension for FACS,  right?  Maybe if you're 
worried about getting all cells off the plate,  you can scrape them 
first,  into your choice of solutions described in this thread that 
will gently dissociate the cells.  If you pipet this solution up and 
down (in a friendly manner,  not with a bloody vengeance) through a 
glass pipet with a fairly wide bore,  you will also encourage 

And now,  the personal message (everyone else stop reading :-}) 
There's still a mountaintop here with your name on it.  I should be 
able to scare up a bottle of wine (even here in Utah) and some 
ill-founded philosophical arguments,  if you ever decide to come 
visit. Escape the flatlands,  eh?


Jen Logan

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