TNT kit with T7 RNA Pol

Kojo Mensa-Wilmot mensawil at
Sat Mar 30 10:17:53 EST 1996

Hans Bernd Prisack wrote:
> In article <314E1D33.662A at> u47888 at UIC.EDU (HONG) writes:
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> >Subject: TNT kit with T7 RNA Pol
> >Date: 18 Mar 1996 18:36:45 -0800
> >Has anyone figured out how to get consistent results with T7 RNA pol.
> >using promega TNT kit?  We get good results with sp6 RNA pol, but not
> >with T7 RNA pol.  DNA templates used in T7 were linearized according
> >to the promega protocol.
> >Thanks for any input.
> >Hong
> >UIC
> I am also trying to get good translation products using the Promega TNT kit
> with T7-Polymerase, but until yet I didn´t. So I would be very appriciate to
> get any suggestions for this problem. I´m trying to translate PCR-products
> which contain the T7-RNA-promotor and label the protein with biotin-tRNA. I
> got a protein with the control-luciferase-vector but not with my PCR-products.
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We have had consistent using TNT on supercoiled 
plasmids. An attempt or two on linearised plasmid failed. 
This might indicate that your pcr product needs to be 
cloned into a vector before using TNT for analysis.

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