HELP!--- DNA Extraction from Mushroom

Antonio Izzo DNA at
Tue May 28 11:28:54 EST 1996

Here's some references that may help, I've used both to succesfully isolate
fungal DNA.

Lee, S.B.; Taylor, J.   Isolation of DNA from fungal mycelia and single
spores. Innis, M.A.; Gelfand, D.H.; Sninsky, J.J.; White, T.J. eds. PCR
Protocols, a Guide to Methods and Applications. New York: Academic Press;

Goodwin, D.C.; Lee, S.B.  Microwave mini-prep of total genomic DNA from
fungi, plants, protists, and animals for PCR.  Biotechniques.
15(3):438-440; 1993.  

Hope this helps!

Antonio Izzo

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> Hi,
> Does anyone have a protocol for the extraction of DNA from Mushroom? Or can you
> tell me where I can find one?
> Thank You!
> Zen
> ddp95120 at

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