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Claire Ruzicka cruzicka at promega.com
Fri May 31 11:58:54 EST 1996

Hi Chris,

Promega sells a TGFbeta 1 polyclonal antibody which  recognizes rat 
TGFbeta 1.  This antibody has been used successfully in 
immunohistochemistry with rat kidney.  (Promega Notes 52 pages 24-26)
This same antibody is used in the TGFbeta 1 ELISA system sold by Promega 
which  utilizes a mAB for capturing TGFbeta and the pAb for specific 
detection of TGFbeta 1.  

Anti TGFbeta 1 pAb  Cat # G1221 100ug $200.

You can find additional information about this product at the Promega 
home page http://www.promega.com or feel free to give me a call and I 
will fax you additional information.


Claire Ruzicka, Promega Technical Services
cruzicka at promega.com

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