Fusion protein activity

Ron Tate rtate at bmb-fs1.biochem.okstate.edu
Fri Nov 1 14:32:09 EST 1996

> Hi, Netters,
> I am very glad to know your experience about the activity of fusion protein
> such GTS-fusion, Thioredoxin-fusion, Mal-fusion. Are fusion protein usually
> active?
> Thanks
> Huanfg

It really depends on the structure of individual proteins, if the tail
is involved in active site then maybe not or if the tail has to be
buried in the core of the enzyme then probably not if however it is
positioned along the outside of the enzyme and does not have to be
mobile it well may be active as a fusion.  I know this isn't much help
but I don't think you can generalize whether most fusions are active or
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