WANTED: Marking Pen for Autorads

Jacalyn S. Newman jsd119 at email.psu.edu
Fri Nov 1 21:13:40 EST 1996

> Can anyone suggest a marking pen to mark blots?  I'm looking for a 
> luminescent-type pen which will 'burn' a mark into the autorad so it can 
> be aligned with a blot or lift....Paul Bucciaglia

What we use in my lab is glow-in-the-dark face makeup. It is most commonly
available near Halloween, but Ben Franklin Crafts and other craft stores
can get it for you year round. We load it into syringes with small a small
bore needle. It doesn't dry out in the syringes, unlike glow-in-the-dark
paint, so you can keep and refill the same syringe and needle for years.
Just be sure to cover your marks with a bit of saran wrap before putting
your film down!

We have found this to be much less expensive, and much more versitle than
the commercial stickers supply companies charge an arm and a leg for! Hope
this helps.
Jacalyn S. Newman
jsd119 at email.psu.edu

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