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>> Could anyone suggest an alternative to HaeIII digested phiX174 as a
>> marker for Restriction enzyme or RAPD analysis? I would prefer to
>>  make my own, and in my hands a plasmid gives more DNA per cell
>>  than a virus. This is really an effort to save money. All suggestions
>are welcome.

>   We routinely use pBR322 digested with MspI for low MW markers, good for
>ca. 50-600 bp. We buy intact pBR and digest it ourselves, because the
>yields of plasmid are not great without chloramphenicol amplification of a
>large scale culture, but you certainly can grow it yourself. Oh, and the
>DNA labels up nicely with Klenow and dCTP, if you need hot markers. 

>   Feel free to mail if you need more info.

>      Pam Norton

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I use two digests of pUC18, which can be made by the bucketful.  Dde I
produces fragments of 910, 540, 426, 409, 234 and 166 bp.  Sau96 I
produces fragments of 1455, 616, 296, 222 and 75 bp.  The fragments
run well on agarose gels, although a couple of the bands run a bit
anomalously on polyacrylamide gels.

Bruce Amsden

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