Pigments are coextracted with RNA....

Savita Visal aai140 at agora.ulaval.ca
Fri Nov 1 18:48:23 EST 1996

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sjhong at bioneer.kaist.ac.kr (Hong Seokjin) wrote (écrivait) :

> When I was isolating RNA from leech(annelid) with hot-phenol method,
> I couldn't remove black-colored pigments from RNA. I treated proteinase K,  
> however, the pigments were remained after treatment. When I used
> LiCl, the yield of isolated RNA was too low. As I think, pigment might 
> bind to RNA when the leech was homogenized.
> How can I remove pigments (or ?) from RNA?  
Why don't you homogenise your Leeches in extaction buffer (prepared with
DEPC treated water, buffers so on) containg combinations of reducing
agents like beta mercatoethanol (0.1%), Sodium meta bi sulphite(50 mM) and
thiurea (5mM)? ..this protocol works very well with tissues containg high
levels of polyphenols)
Try this, and I'm sure you would get clean RNA..

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