Alk. phosphatase substrates

Robert Means remeans at
Mon Nov 4 08:12:57 EST 1996

Alex Merz (merza at wrote:
: In article <c=CA%a=_%p=NRC%l=NRC.IMSD.0003C3C2 at>,
: Durocher, Yves <Yves.Durocher at> wrote:
: >I am looking for sensitive chromogenic substrates for alkaline
: >phosphatase.

: We use NBT-BCIP, premixed sol'n from Boeringer. No complaints. 

: -Alexey
How does the sensitivity of the chromogenic substrate compare with the
chemiluminescent substrates. I haven't looked at chromogens in awhile, but
when I last looked they were several logs less sensitive.


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