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>On Mon, 04 Nov 1996 02:15:21 +0000, Andrei Popov
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>>That must have been a REAL miracle!
>>If you have:
>>    aattcNNNNNNNNNgaatt   +  aattcNNNNNNNNNgaatt
>>    ttaagnnnnnnnnncttaa   +  ttaagnnnnnnnnncttaa
>>plus phosphatase plus T4 ligase and you got a digestable EcoRI site?!
>>star activity or what?
>Why is this so surprising?  Self-ligated products cloned perfectly
>into the NdeI site of pCDNA3, which I believe is what I wrote.

Funny! On _my_ newsreader it came out:

>P.S. The PCR product I was attempting to clone, did clone when
>     self-ligated (after 5' phosphorylation) followed by digestion
>     with EcoRI.

Maybe we're talking about different messages here?


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