Cell Lysing Detergent

John Watson watson_j at bms.com
Mon Nov 4 12:44:07 EST 1996

Rick Bright wrote:
> I have a DNA extraction method that calls for Nonidet P-40 as the lysing
> agent.  However, I cannot find a source in Fisher, Sigma, or Pharmacia.
> Does anyone have a source or catalog number for this detergent.
> Also, is there a particular reason why one would use Nonidet P-40 over
> SDS or Triton X-100 for lysing blood cells?  Are there particular
> applications where one agent is better than others, or are do they serve
> the purpose equally well for all applications?

We used to use NP-40 as the lysis agent when we wanted to dissolve the plasma 
membrane but leave nuclear membrane intact.  A couple of examples were when 
making total cytoplasmic RNA and when preparing nuclear extracts for gel 
mobility shift assay.

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