RNA storage

Hiranya Roychowdhury hroychow at NMSU.EDU
Tue Nov 5 16:21:42 EST 1996

At 08:40 AM 11/5/96 GMT, Kevin Mulcahy wrote:
>We have never attempted to store RNA at 4=9AC for long periods. However,=20
>as regards storing at temperatures less than 4=9AC, we always=20
>re-precipitate our stock RNAs after use (using ethanol and salt) and=20
>store at -70=9AC. We have heard that this prevents possible freeze-thaw=20
>degradation of RNA. Such RNA degradation may occur with dissolved RNA=20
>when freeze-thawed a number of times.

The way I store my RNA sample is as follows:

I estimate the concentration of the RNA spectrophotometrically and then
store the standard RNA solution in 66.66% ethanol (ie. 2 vols) at -70 C. For
each use, I aliquote the required amount and add either NaCl or NaOAc to ppt
the RNA for 15 min at -70 C.=20

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