Cell Lysing Detergent

Fergus R. McKenzie mckenzie at unice.fr
Tue Nov 5 12:38:27 EST 1996

Subject: Cell Lysing Detergent
From: Rick Bright, rbright at mnw.net
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 1996 18:49:00 -0600
In article <327948FC.4B98 at mnw.net> Rick Bright, rbright at mnw.net writes:
>I have a DNA extraction method that calls for Nonidet P-40 as the lysing
>agent.  However, I cannot find a source in Fisher, Sigma, or Pharmacia. 
>Does anyone have a source or catalog number for this detergent.
>Also, is there a particular reason why one would use Nonidet P-40 over
>SDS or Triton X-100 for lysing blood cells?  Are there particular
>applications where one agent is better than others, or are do they serve
>the purpose equally well for all applications?
>I appreciate your assistance.
>Rick Bright
>rbright at mnw.net

Dear Rick,
							In response to previous comments..
Nonidet P-40 and NP-40 are NOT the same thing:

	NP-40 is NONYLphenoxy polyethoxy ethanol

	Nonidet P-40 is OCTYLphenoxy ....

	You can buy both at the Sigma superstore ( in my French catalogue)
NP-40 is listed under the name TERGITOL while Nonidet P-40 is product No.
When I want to extract a new protein I use a range of different
detergents to find which works best. In my hands, neither 1% Triton X-100
nor 1% NP-40 or Nonidet P-40 lyse the nuclear membrane. For that I have
to hit the cells a bit harder with a detergent such as Sarkosyl or SDS.
However both NP-40 and triton lysis buffers liberate what are supposed to
be entirely nuclear proteins. 
Not all detergents are the same, you have to try a range to see what
works best in your particular cell type. 


	Fergus McKenzie, (mckenzie @unice.fr)
	University of Nice, France

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