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>I am looking for a estrogen receptor antibody that works in
>western-blotting. My samples are from cultured rat fibroblasts.
>I had a look at several catalogues but the antibodies I found
>are either to expensive (Biotrend) or don't work in western
>experiments (most others). There has to be a better way...
>I am looking for an alternative to the antibodies from stress-
>gene which are causing me a lot of unreproducible trouble
>(new lot=new results, another new lot=again different results)
>thanks in advance

Hello Stefan (and others)--

Berkeley Antibody Company (BAbCO) is about to release a set of eight
new monoclonal antibodies directed against different epitopes in the
estrogen receptor.  The epitope specificity has been mapped using a
series of nested 15-mers.  As a result, it is known the some of the
antibodies recognize epitopes in the A/B domain, one recognizes an
epitope in the hinge region, and others recognize epitopes in the E/F
domain.  All eight work in western blots using recombinant material. 
Six of them work in DNA band supershift experiments.  The antibody
against the hinge region does not supershift the ER/ERE complex (not
surprising).  One interesting antibody actually blocks the
supershift--implying that it disrupts the interaction between ER and
its ERE.

If interested in more information about the antibody or about our
overseas distributors, please let me know.

Thanks in advance for your interest.

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